4U - Cat Girl Synth

The popular Cat Girl Synth modules by Ken Stone.

PLEASE READ this FAQ on kits

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A range of PCB designs and kits from Ken Stone for his Cat Girl Synth and which include a number of SERGE designs. ALL PCBs are the latest release!!!!!

Component Kits:- These include all components to fully dress the associated pcb(s). PCB(s) are NOT included.
Hardware Kits:- These include all the components to fully dress the associated panel and include:-  Davies 1900 Clone Knobs, 4mm Banana Sockets and 3mm LED's with low-profile lens mounts.
PCBs:- Original Ken Stone PCBs.
Front Panels:- We do not stock front panels for any of these designs. Please visit the CGS forum as a possible source of front panels or Front Panel Designer (FPD) files.

Hardware Kits to suit other formats are also available on request and include:-
MDO Hardware Kits suit the 5U format including MOTM, DotCom and Oakley. These include 16mm pots, 27mm knobs, 1/4" jacks and 5mm chrome-bezel LEDs.
EURO-CGS Hardware Kits - MOTM style knobs (13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 27mm and 33mm as required) and 1/8" jacks